Lowest clamping depth without pre-marking 


Thanks to the SinterGrip clamping inserts, it is possible to clamp workpieces safe with a clamping
depth of just 3.5 mm, so the workpiece can be completely machined in a single operation.
This reduces the cost of materials, particularly where raw material costs considerably influence
the piece price. SinterGrip also optimizes the performance of the machine and tools: faster cutting
and feeding speeds mean larger cutting volumes and shorter machining times for each workpiece.

In addition, production steps required until now, such as workpiece pre-marking, are no longer
necessary. Eliminating the  pre-marking process reduces investment costs and saves on upstream
processing costs. Considerable time is also saved as the workpiece, it can be clamped immediately
by eliminating upstream processes.

The triangular insert with pyramidal teeth penetrates into the material, creating a positive fit
between the clamp and the workpiece. The forces and vibrations generated during machining
are evenly distributed and absorbed.

SinterGrip comes in 3 different versions for different materials: steel, hardened steel
(up to 54 HRC)/titanium and aluminium/plastic. SinterGrip is compatible with all commonly
available types of vices and clamping devices.


  • Lowest clamping depth only 3.5 mm
  • No pre-marking necessary
  • Highest forces and active vibration absorption
  • Increasing of the cutting forces compared to other systems


Product videos

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