Manual chucks from SMW-AUTOBLOK


3-jaw manual chucks are particularly suitable for clamping workpieces in machining centres.
The HG-N, HG-NB and HG-2G manual chucks feature a built-in quick jaw change system as
standard and are available with diameters ranging from 160 to 1000 mm. The quick jaw
change system significantly reduces set-up times. The wedge bar design guarantees the 
highest precision and accuracy.

The new generation HG-2G is mechanically sealed and low-maintenance. The sealing protects
the guideways and inside of the chuck against dirt. The HG-2G's optimized innovative
lubrication system guarantees a constant clamping force and reduces maintenance intervals.
The HG-2G manual chucks are available in sizes ranging from 400 to 630 mm
(additional sizes available on request).

PTF 4-jaw faceplates are suitable for clamping round, square or irregular workpieces.
Each individual jaw can be set radially by hand. Clamping forces can be increased many
times over through the use of a torque multiplier. The PTF faceplates are also sealed and
therefore resistant to dirt. PTF faceplates are available with diameters ranging from
1000 to 2000 mm.


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