Power Vices


Power vices can be pneumatic, hydraulic or spring actuated, self-centering or with a fixed jaw.
In addition, two  different jaw strokes are available: a standard stroke for maximum clamping forces
and a long stroke for extended jaw strokes. The highly compact power vices make it possible to
determine the jaw position and control the  workpiece support (SL type). This makes them ideal
for automation or for Industry 4.0 applications.


  • Minimum interference due to the compact design
  • Protected against contamination (SL Proofline fully sealed)
  • Linear pressure adjustment
  • Highest repeatability and rigidity
  • Suitable for automation
  • Integrated channels for air purge
  • 2 jaw interfaces (Tongue & groove and fine serration 1.5 x 60°)
  • Wide range of standard products

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